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STUDIO BRATŘI V TRIKU was founded in 1945. It is the oldest and the largest Czech studio which produces cartoon films. Up to date (2005) more than 1600 films of various styles and genres, from 2-minute black-outs to demanding full-length works have been created here. The brain behind this Studio was Jiří Trnka, a renaissance personality, but other leaders of Czech animation have cooperated with the studio too, such as Břetislav Pojar, Jiří Brdečka, Zdeněk Miler and others. Those who rank among the current creators are, for example Michaela Pavlátová, Pavel Koutský or Gene Deitch . The artistic credo of the studio is to create animated films of various genres and artistic styles - there is not an artist with whose original expression The Studio BRATŘI V TRIKU could not cope with. A respected feature of the so-called Czech school of cartoon film is also humanism and a sense of intelligent humor, which is sometimes lyrical, other times comes near satire.

Films under the name of BRATŘI V TRIKU have earned hundreds of awards at international festivals and have won Grand Prix and the Main awards at such prestigious festivals as Berlin, Venice, Chicago, Annecy, Hiroshima,Tamper, Espinho, Cannes, Stuttgart, Oberhausen, Locarno, Ottawa, San Sebastian, Gijon, Montreal, and many others. Successes of the Studio include several nominations and one awarded Oscar.

Studio Bratři v triku is engaged especially in creating classic cartoon films and serials, but it is also able to create even combined films (a feature film + animation) as well as other special animation technologies, including computer processing of cartoon animation on Cambridge Animation Systems: Animo . Studio BRATŘI V TRIKU is equipped with full technology for the production of cartoon film animation, with modern special effect cameras, editing rooms, 35mm film projection, and computer pencil testing. Working with 35mm Eastmancolr negative, transfer to all digital formats is possible. Complete production facilities for animation film is concentrated in one building, including stop-motion puppet Blm studios. Also within the Krátký Film a. s. building is a modern and fully equipped sound recording studio. Immediately adjacent is the Barrandov film laboratory, one of the finest in Europe.

STUDIO BRATŘI V TRIKU works closely on projects with production teams from the USA, Switzerlan, The Netherlands, and Germany. Currently, a half-hour cartoon adapation of the famous and popular book, EMILY'S FIRST 100 DAYS OF SCHOOL, by American author Rosemary Wells, is currently in completeion stage.
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