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Studio HaD was founded in 1995 on the occasion of the production of the 27-episode serial A documentary film for old-timers. Since 1995 it has participated in the production of programs A sit-down with Jan Burian and Chaptors from the Czech animated film. Several solitary films have been created here for National Niederlanden, The Czech fishing association, The Czech TV or TV Prima.

Since 2003 Studio HaD has conducted a collection shooting of the reconstruction of The Jesuits College in Kutná Hora . The whole event is held under the financial auspices of UNESCO, the EU, The Ministry of culture of the CR and The Czech museum of visual art. We are cooperating with The Czech museum of visual art to produce a short film of an audiovisual program which will be, after completion, shown within the exposition of the museum.

Currently Studio HaD is finishing the shooting of two short audiovisual programs for The National memorial Terezín about Holocaust and the Second World War which should be available in seven language versions, and after completion they will be shown in the hall of The Terezín Museum in Malá pevnost. Both films are planned be on sale here as well as on DVD mediums .

The film director of Studia HaD, Jana Hádková, was a member of the committee for the documentary film at the 40th year of the International film festival in Karlovy Vary.
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