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Studio of the puppet film was founded in 1947. The works of its founder, Jiří Trnka , were called active dreaming . They combined fantasy and poetry with the technique of resourcefulness and creative vitality.
The works of the Studio of the puppet film are characterized by artistic quality,animators´mastery, art craftsmen, thought and moral value.

The Studio is engaged in both program creations, drawing on its famous traditions, and shooting puppet serials, commercial productions and advertising.

The Czech puppet film – that means in particular unique pieces of classically animated puppet films, valuable for their originality. They are film jewels which are rarely shot any more in the world.
The studio of the puppet film regularly participates in significant festivals in Annecy, Oberhausen, Berlin, Toronto, Tamper, Ósaca or Zagreb.

It has received many awards at these events.

A professional team has been formed in the Studio of the puppet film during the years of gaining more and more experience – this team has tried virtually all technologies of the animated film.

The most important production technology is the classic puppet film. The Studio of the puppet film shoots even by the method of semi-plastic, Plasticine and facet film, using pixilation - animation of objects and it also produces films which use combined technologies.
The Studio will process even special effects of animated inputs into feature films, both front and back projections, data for computer animation etc.

The studio of the puppet film offers production of these technologies, complete services from the theme to distribution and merchandising.

The closed production chain is secured both technically and in terms of the personnel.
The studio enters into coproduction projects with 20 - 30% participation in the costs.

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