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14 minutes, 35/16 mm, colour, 1977
Category: Travel
Audience: family
Commentary: off-screen

Producer: KF a.s.
Director: Bohumil Sobotka

An interesting documentary about a country located at the foot of a small but strategically important rock that forms a European border between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. An old legend says that this territory will remain British as long as the makak apes live there. The shop windows on the streets are filled with goods that are cheaper than anywhere else. Although there is a port at the top of the penissula, nobody saw most of the goods arrive. The main source of the State budget inflows are tourists and there is, indeed, many of them. They even built an airport for them that is longer than the penisulla itself. So part of the see had to be bridged over to make space for the runway. We bid Gibraltar farewell together with an airplane taking off this beautiful land.

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