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Rozmary lasky

8 minutes, 35 mm, colour, 1966
Classical cartoon animation
Audience: adults
Commentary: none

Producer: KF a.s. - Studio Bratri v triku
Director: Jiri Brdecka
Designer: Jiri Trnka

A poetic story by one of the corner-stones of the Czech animation. With a slight nostalgia he tells a story of a man who all his life longs for what he cannot get at the moment and does not appreciate what he does have. Imaginations are more important for him than the reality. Brdecka through his film expresses the saying that the beatitude of love takes but a moment while the sadness of love lasts for all our lives.

Awards: Honourable Diploma - Cork 1966, "Silver Pelican" - Mamaia 1966, "Silver Dragon" - Cracow 1967, First prize in the category of animated pictures - Montevideo 1967

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