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Jak si opatrit hodne dite

10 minutes, 35 mm, colour, 1965
Cut-out animation
Audience: adults
Commentary: off screen

Producer: KF a.s. - Jiri Trnka Studio
Director: Stanislav Latal
Designer: Jan Brychta

A satiric film that through a lecture of a cracked brain pedant describes the increasing disobedience of children. It calls us for protection against misbehaved children and wants to "defend" the world of adults from disastrous consequences of the ungrateful children's deeds. The film is remarkable for the inimitable humour of Milos Macourek.

Awards: The main prize in the category of animated films - Oberhausen 1966, The prize of the union of cinema owners - Oberhausen 1966, Grand Prix "Bronze Caesar" - Tours 1966

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