Jiri Trnka Studio

Executive Producer: Mr. Michal Havlik

Jiri Trnka Studio was founded in 1947 by Jiri Trnka, creative artist and director known all over the world for creating the miraculous Czech school of animation. His work has been called "active dreaming", combining great imagination and poetry with ingenuity, invention, realistic view and creative vitality.

The production of Jiri Trnka Studio is characterised by creative quality, animation mastery, intellectual and moral values, both in the field of commercial series production and in the production of commercials. The Studio's emphasis is the Czech puppet film - these are mainly the unique classic animated puppet films, which today remain rare and original. Such film "jewels" are filmed almost nowhere else in the world.

Jiri Trnka Studio regularly takes part in important film festivals in Annecy, Oberhausen, Berlin, Toronto, Tampere, Osaka, Zagreb or Zlin. The Studio has been awarded a number of significant prizes at these festivals.

Jiri Trnka Studio has a famous tradition and renowned experience. All possible technologies of the animated film have been tested here during the course of its existence.

Jiri Trnka Studio is even able to process a combination of the above-mentioned technologies. It can also produce electronic superimposition of animated inputs into live features, front and back projections, backgrounds for computer animation, etc.

Jiri Trnka Studio offers production of these technologies, complete services starting from script-writing to distribution and merchandising. In other words, the Studio can provide a closed chain of production services, secured both technically and personally.

Jiri Trnka Studio enters into co-production projects with a 20-30% share in costs. It accepts both commissioned productions and other forms of co-operation.

Jiri Trnka Studio owns:

Jiri Trnka Studio employs the best animation craftsmen, i.e. animators, camera operators, editors, puppet animators, puppeteers, model makers, reproduction artists, painters, dressmakers, wig makers, mechanics, lighting electricians, property men and set designers.

Renowned Czech and foreign directors, creative artists, script writers and composers co-operate with Jiri Trnka Studio. The Studio is much in demand by clients from France, Great Britain, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Canada, Holland and Japan.