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KRÁTKÝ FILM PRAHA a.s. is a film production company with an almost 50-year experience in the film industry with a wide network of contacts in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. KRÁTKÝ FILM PRAHA a.s. became a joint-stock company in 1991 as a successor to Krátký film, which was founded in 1957 . This enterprise specialized in film production in the area of documentary, news and animated films. Gradually, it expanded its activities to feature films, too, serials, multimedia CD-ROM a DVD-ROM and other production. Production of the company has earned many awards (several hundreds of festival awards including series of prestigious main awards at foreign festivals etc.)

Until 1990 the structure of production included news films (104 Film newsreels and film bulletins each year) , documentary, animated (cartoon, puppet, combined, experimental technique), educational (school, instructional, technical, scientific), promotional, popular science, advertising, feature films as well as TV serials. The result is the ownership of copyright for c. 40 000 film titles, own Film archives containing millions of meters of film, and great professional experience. A high artistic level of the created works was guaranteed by foremost personalities in the individual production activities.

KRÁTKÝ FILM PRAHA a.s. shoots all film genres: documentaries, enlightening, instructional, educational, report as well as industrial films, multimedia programs, feature films and commercials. Our studios are specially profiled in individual genres.

KRÁTKÝ FILM PRAHA a.s. exercises the rights of the producer to his own wide library of films. It includes, in particular, famous cartoon and puppet films of the Czech school of animation, hundreds of documentary films and a series of feature films. In addition, our archive contains more than 40 000 items of film material and millions of meters of unique historic footage from film newsreels and news periodicals from between 1945 - 1990.
KRÁTKÝ FILM PRAHA a.s. offers: A complete execution of news, educational, instructional, documentary and feature-length films and videoprograms of coproduction, production of multimedia programs, TV serials, commercials, execution of exhibitions, and other services including leases of production premises with facilities .

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